By David Miller (Lead Investigator)



                The story behind the cemetery that we have received has been muffled up as years went by. One of the key things out of the story involves all the tales that Iíve heard.  When you go to the graveyard the urban legend says to find your way to the center tree.  Once there, you will hear a knocking sound over and over again.  If you donít leave, a mist of fog will come out of nowhere.  If you donít follow the knockings and the mist enough to leave the spirits will chase you out.

                The other legend consist of people in the past that studied witchcraft, and to this day still haunt the grounds.


                                                                                                                                                      Investigation #1

                Dave ( lead investigator) called me one night and told me that one of the girls he works with said she has gone to the cemetery and got chased out by the spirits.  After he told me that, I immediately told him that he should get the directions from her.  That night after he got off work, we left and found the cemetery that was out in the middle of nowhere.  We started by getting pictures and EVPís, of the whole area.  The wind would pick up everytime we asked the question ďAre any lost souls out here with us tonight.Ē  We moved all over the cemetery, and asked questions, even in the middle where they say you need to be.

                A mist never appeared and the knocking that youíre believed to hear was never heard.  There was a flagpole in the middle of the graveyard, where we were.  The pole clanked with each question, or each wind blow, proving that the mysterious knocking was a simple sound exaggerated.   Dave said, ďThat must be the sound that everyone hears.Ē  I just looked at him and I laughed.  We even took readings of the temp to see if it would drop.  To prove that wrong we noticed that the cemetery was up the mountain a little bit, and of course the temp would drop, as you got higher.  Another point that could be argued would be that it was the middle of winter. 


     The only factual evidence of the paranormal from those investigations were some questionable orbs and mysterious EVP recordings, but they are still being analyzed.  We are still doing investigations for any type of evidence, so if we do find anything positive we will post it.


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